Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Salmiya, Kuwait

On Wednesday I woke up in Salmiya, Kuwait. I made myself some toast and decided to walk around my area a little. I left my apartment building and turned right, past a fish place that I made mental note of to use as a landmark. There was no side walk so I had to walk kind of on the side of the road. When I got to the end of the street I found a busier road with a mosque on it.

I turned right again but didn't walk too far down the street for 2 reasons. The first. I didn't want to get lost and the second, it was really hot and I did not bring a water bottle with me. I have found I don't drink anything but water here and I rarely leave my apartment without a bottle of water, especially if it is during the day. It is hot here! I knew that coming in, but that doesn't change how hot it is, day and night. It's so dry too.

I headed back to my apartment for some water and quality time in an air conditioned room. After that I met some of my neighbours--my floor and the floor below me are all occupied by teachers from ACA--a guy from the states and a guy from Canada. I ran an errand with the guy from Canada and ensured I brought a water bottle this time. When we returned we met another American as well as a girl from Canada. They also needed to run a couple errands so I joined them and went to the same area as before.

I made a video of my room but it isn't uploading, so I may just have to add some pictures of it later.


  1. Wow Andy! That is a very nice apartment! (Comparative to your one in Korea that you could sit on the can and take a shower at the same time!!)

    I want to come visit! (Are you allowed visitors?)

    What grade are you teaching?

  2. Yeah, I have room for visitors for sure!

    I am teaching grade 3.