Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blue Mountain (New South Wales)

While in Sydney, I also did a day trip to the mountain range just outside the city. I once again went through a travel agency to do the trip and met another mixture of people from a variety of cultures. The tour guy was a young guy who reminded me of Alan from The Hangover. He had a full beard and was a little strange, said exactly what he was thinking at times. The first thing he asked a couple pretty girls traveling together from England was if they were lesbians. A good ice breaker, I guess.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sydney Australia

If you remember from my posts about other cities--Berlin, Prague and Munich for example--I went on 'free' tours there, where there was no price for the tour and the tour guides relied on only tips.

The first of these trips I ever did happened in Sydney Australia. I don't recall the girls name, but unlike most of the tour guides in Europe she was native to not only the country, but the city itself. She was also quite cute. Unfortunately, the material she had to work with was inferior to the places I visited in Europe, mostly because the history wasn't as rich and the country wasn't touched by war. Not a bad thing, but that doesn't make it interesting.