Monday, September 5, 2011

The Kuwait is Over

So, I have finally arrived in Kuwait and have not only been too busy to post, but have also not had the means to post as of yet. My computer died pretty much the first time I started using it. I am in my new classroom now and am using that computer. (Since the start of writing I had to leave to catch my bus and have since bought a new computer. Cost more than I wanted to pay but my back was against the wall).

I don't want to get ahead of myself though, as a lot has happened up to this point. Starting with the Plane ride and the usual excitement that goes with that. While waiting in the airport I sat beside a lady and her daughter, an 18 year old with special needs. Her daughter had no verbal skills and required a wheel chair. I was reading and some young children from Syria started asking her questions. The questions were very innocent and the lady was very good with them. They were asking her if the daughter scared people and telling her how they thought she was scary. The woman just replied that her daughter was harmless and the noises she made were just her way of speaking. The children were very cute and had very big brown eyes. I wondered if that may be a taste of the children I will be teaching eventually.

I flew to Istanbul and had a 5 hour layover at the airport and that is when things started to set in. I am going to Kuwait for 2 years! I also got excited about the new people I would meet and the places I would get to travel. I saw a couple people during the layover that I thought may be also teaching (and was correct). I didn't talk to them much though.

After what seemed like forever I finally arrived in Kuwait. I had a small problem with the Visa as I didn't realize they wanted the paper one in addition to the one stamped in my passport, but luckily I had that with me on my carry on. Someone was holding a sign that said ACA so I had no problem figuring out where to go. From the airport the first stop was in Salmiya, my new apartment. I was left with instructions on how different appliances worked, a fridge with food and water in it and was told I would be picked up Thursday in the lobby at 9am for orientation. It was Wednesday at 3am, so I had about 30 hours to kill. The first order of business was to sleep.

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