Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Big Bus Tours

Big Bus Tours are tours that a variety of cities offer that allow you to get on and off the bus whenever you like. They stop and pick people up at the different attractions throughout the city. The buses are double-decker, with the option of sitting outside on the top deck.

I have done a tour with this company twice, and overall they were good. Especially because the trips I took were small trips. They gave me the chance to choose what to do as I went.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Marathon Training

 It has been a busy couple weeks since I returned from Canada. This is why I haven't updated the blog in nearly a month. As soon as I got back to school I had a lot of deadlines to meet for report cards among other things a 2 week vacation gets you behind in.

Plus, as mentioned in this whole post I have been dedicating my spare time to running!

As I mentioned in my post about the AQI, I decided to run a marathon on The Great Wall in Beijing. The race will be May 16th, and since I made the decision I have continued to take steps to make this happen.

The first step was find someone to run the marathon with.