Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blue Mountain (New South Wales)

While in Sydney, I also did a day trip to the mountain range just outside the city. I once again went through a travel agency to do the trip and met another mixture of people from a variety of cultures. The tour guy was a young guy who reminded me of Alan from The Hangover. He had a full beard and was a little strange, said exactly what he was thinking at times. The first thing he asked a couple pretty girls traveling together from England was if they were lesbians. A good ice breaker, I guess.

The guy was full of sarcastic comments, some funny, some inappropriate and many fell into both categories. I think he had done the tour far too long, he seemed disinterested in some of the site seeing and not very patient for those who were moving slowly. It ended up being okay. The sights were decent enough. We hiked within the mountain range, seeing several water falls along the way.

One of the most famous sites within the mountain range is the Three Sisters. They are a rock formation formed by erosion. There is aboriginal legend attached to the mountains as well, which make them a tourist attraction. Our tour guide mentioned that he is skeptical about how much the legend exists. He suggested it was more made up by settlers and used as a tourist attraction.

The story starts with 3 sisters who fall in love with men from another tribe. Marriage however was forbidden by tribal law. A battle was fought between the tribes and the elder turned the sisters into stone in order to protect them. The elder died during battle and was unable to
change them back from stone, and there they have stood ever since.

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