Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hall of Women

The Hofbrauhaus is a famous beer hall in Germany owned by the state that sells beer of the same name. It has a large history of serving beer. I never went in, I was told the beer there was over priced and instead I had a couple of liters of beer with my tour guide and other viewers at an outside beer garden instead. The tour guide always finished his tours there and as a result of bringing the owners continued business he usually only paid for every other beer.

It has a history of being state owned as well, being the drinking place of choice for German royalty. One of the royalty proclaimed that all women drink free, or at his expense.

This man was Konig Ludwig. He would then choose which lucky girl was to come home and sleep with him. When she woke up she would be shocked to see that Ludwig's personal artist was drawing her. The artist was instructed to ensure the lady looked good regardless of if the beer from the night before had changed what Ludwig's perception of good was.

The pictures were put up in a hall, known as the hall of women. Ludwig eventually married Therese. Before breakfast every morning Ludwig insisted Therese walk down the hall of women so that she could see how lucky she was that Ludwig married her out of all the women he had to choose from. I'm sure she only put up with it because the marriage would eventually make her queen.

On the left here is Ludwig. This picture was painted on the wall outside a museum along with all the other German royalty throughout the years. He was the most interesting so I took his picture to remember to share his story. As you can see in the picture he was King from 1825-1848. He married Therese in 1810. They had a huge wedding party with the normal for Bavaria mass amounts of beer. The party was such a success they decided to throw it again. It eventually became a yearly tradition and is still thrown to this day, better known now as oktoberfest.

This is a statue of Ludwig's father. It was supposed to be built life size to show he was on the same level as the people. It was made way to big and angered him. On his deathbed he asked Ludwig to ensure the statue be destroyed and certainly never displayed. In Ludwig's grief he did the opposite of his fathers death wish and the statue is still on display for everyone to see today.

This is a view of the Hofbrauhaus

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