Saturday, September 18, 2010


I'll be honest, for being so excited to see this city, I really knew nothing about it.

I met a girl while traveling on the Great Ocean Road in Australia from the Czech Republic whom was surprised I knew the Czech Republic and Slovakia were two different countries. Of course I know that from my love of hockey.

The city however, was quite beautiful and most people spoke great English. While there I went on a couple tours within the city to learn about it. I was surprised that it was on a couple occasions made the capital of the Roman Empire. In the town square sits one of the worlds most famous clocks, the astronomical clock which is also considered the number one overrated tourist attraction.

I agree that the hourly display of characters and goings on are kind of lame (although I never actually wasted my time and watched them all, just heard), but I thought the idea of the clock was cool. It measures time differently then a typical clock as well as it shows the different stages of the moon and how the earth rotates around the sun. The time is measured from the last Sun set, so if the clock says it is 12, that means the sun set 12 hours ago.

The city was pretty well preserved, hardly touched as far as bombs go in spite of it being occupied by Germany for pretty much the duration of the war. It avoided bombs due to how far east it is. It was not untouched by the war however, as I mentioned it was occupied by Germany for the duration of the war. The people in the city actually liberated themselves just before the Soviets arrived. The Soviets still liberated them in their own way, eventually making Czechoslovakia a communist state.

Czechoslovakia split peacefully in 1992 into the two separate countries of the Czech Republic and Slovakia that we know today.

The Astronomical Clock, most overrated tourist attraction.

City Hall

I am pretty disappointed looking back on my pictures from Prague. I do have some of Prague castle as well as of the Charles Bridge. I will post some with my next post about the beer challenge. I didn't bring my camera with me in order to ensure I didn't lose it.

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