Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Long after leaving some friends behind in France then Denmark and Berlin, I had been traveling alone. In witzerland I had secured the opportunity to meet up with another housemate from Brisbane.

She was going to take me on a hike so I could see a portion of the Alps near her house, but it rained all day. Instead, we went to a couple of museums and a cheese factory. I also had the opportunity to have a couple dinners with her family as well as one with an aunt and cousin.

The museum was pretty interesting. It talked about the special ceremony they have when they march the cows up the mountain so they can graze on fresh mountain grass. People dress in costumes and the cows at the front of the line wear these massive bells. The museum also showed what the typical house looked liked as well as talked about another ceremony that was even more bizarre to me. It had more costumes and some yodeling.

At dinner we talked about a variety of things. Not surprising skiing is a very common activity that most people take part in. It is also a stereotype of Canadians that we all ski and snowboard. While traveling people have often been quite surprised to find out I have only ever skied twice. They don't realize it is more of a regional hobby and that I can ice skate and play hockey. During dinner that started a conversation. My friends father used to play hockey and Jonas Hiller, the goalie from the Anaheim Ducks, is from Herisau, the city they lived in.

I spent two nights with my friend and left early the 3rd day to go into the mountains and do some hiking, on my own once again.

This is Zurich, I roamed around this city a little before I caught the train to meet my friend.

This is the costume they wear when they march the cows up into the Alps.

This was the view from my friends balcony. It was beautiful just driving around as well.

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