Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Live from the Alps

*Opening note, the content of the blog was written while in the alps, the pictures taken while there but I am not currently there*

I am writing in a notebook while sitting on a rock. The only sounds i am hearing are coming from nature. The sound waves in the air are dominated by running water, with the faint hint of heavy falling water.

Looking straight up into the air I see what seems to be a moving fog. The cold breeze makes me shiver and contemplate putting on my hoodie.

The rock is sitting in Chilchbaum, what I assume to be a valley in the Swiss Alps. Looking up and ahead i am surrounded by mountains. There is a stream running right by me, and several others are running beside it. They all meet further down in the river I followed to get here. All the streams are coming from different parts of the mountains, trickling down the sides of them like miniature water falls.

I walked 2 hours from Gimmalwald to get here. Gimmalwald is a small mountain settlement of only 140 inhabitants.

Looking up I can't see the peaks of any of the mountains, just the fog of the moving clouds above. I feel so relaxed, so care free!

This is the view of the side of the mountain, you can see a couple different parts where the water is falling down the side. You can also see the beginning of the clouds.

More tricking miniature waterfall streams and cloud cover.

The view looking the other way. That is a stream eventually running into the river.

You can make out the peak of the mountain there peaking above the clouds.

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