Thursday, November 17, 2011

Whale Watching

One of the cooler things I did while I was in Mirissa was whale watching. I had never gone before and never seen either whales or dolphins in the wild, which I was assured i would see both.

I saw whales when I was in a plane about a thousand feet in the air while visiting Byron Bay, but the only reason I knew they were whales was because someone told me they were. That was when I in a plane getting ready to go sky diving. This would be different.

Even so, I have been to Stradbroke island at the same time some friends saw dolphins and whales. I just never saw them for myself.

It was really cool just being on the boat with the ocean breeze whipping through my hair. It was bright out, so I was relieved to be wearing my hat and sunglasses. It made picture taking more difficult however as I couldn't see the screen to see what exactly I was taking a picture of. My strategy was to just keep snapping photos and I am bound to capture something.

As a result, I have several pictures of just the ocean. I maybe got a picture of a small part of one whale, they don't really stay out of the water for very long. It was still pretty cool, I saw them blow water out of their blow holes and saw how big they were, even if it was very brief.

Eventually the whales left and the dolphins came to play, either that or we drove to where the dolphins were. They were faster than the whales and may have been harder to catch on camera, except for the fact that they loved to jump through the water and there were so many of them. I would literally try to take a picture of one in the air, miss it but catch the next three jumping. I got some fantastic pictures.

I also have a couple videos of the dolphins jumping. They are kind of cool but the pictures are probably better, and easier to upload.

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  1. Best experience ever, Andy. :) I love the first picture you included. Great shot! I've been whale watching as well and it's so hard to get them on camera. But I love the dolphin pictures.