Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rome at Night

There are several things about a trip to Rome or Italy you can't really go without doing. Some I have already mentioned in prior posts, like the Colosseum or The Vatican. Others are as simple as having pasta, having pizza and of course having a gelato.

The best of these was the gelato. Just to ensure the first wasn't a fluke I tried several others. They were all good. After visiting The Vatican we found a place just across the street that gave 3 large scoops of three different flavours for a really reasonable price. It was a really hot day as well, so the gelato was a perfect fit.

After the Vatican I went back to my hostel. I needed to change hostels and I also wanted to relax a little as I started the day pretty early. I made plans to meet Kate back at a square later so we could go for dinner and go on a night walk to see a few sites.

If you are me, what is a trip to a city without getting lost in some capacity? I was over an hour late for our meeting because I could not find the square for the life of me. I crumpled and ripped my map a couple times in frustration. None of the streets run in a way that makes much sense, which made it difficult to get to my destination because there were several small streets going in strange directions.

Thankfully Kate was a little late and she didn't have a watch to know exactly how late I was. Neither of us had a cell phone so there was no chance of a forewarning. We would later get even more lost together. We went to a restaurant Kate had found in her travel book. It was said to have great pizza, so we ordered some to try it out. It was pretty good. For dessert we followed the book once more to find more gelato.

On our quest to find this gelato, we passed different picturesque locations. Kate brought a tripod she borrowed from her couch surfing host and turned into the paparazzi. She took several pictures at several different spots. She was very picky because she wanted the perfect pictures. By the end of the night I got a little sick of posing for the camera, but she did get some great shots. This will be me breaking the rule once again and sharing pictures I did not take.

Here I am in front of the Trevi Fountain. I threw my one euro cent coin into the fountain, not because I believed in the luck or anything like that but mostly because I find the coin pretty useless and no longer wanted it taking up room in my pocket.

These are the Spanish steps.

Look at all the pictures with me in them. That is for sure a rarity, especially traveling alone.

After we had enough of all the pictures and our fill of gelato we decided to start waking home or to a bus stop. Things did not go so smoothly, as I mentioned earlier. The buses either didn't stop or weren't going where we needed to go. When we started walking I somehow guided us in the wrong direction. I think I ended up getting pretty grumpy. We finally broke down and took a cab back. That was my only cab ride in Europe. While in the cab it struck midnight, which changed the day to September 3rd, my birthday. I never told Kate it was my birthday, just said my good byes as I was leaving Rome for Pisa and Florence in the morning.

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