Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dog Cafe (Seoul)

A post from my Korea blog that I thought might interest people was about the dog cafe I visited when I was Seoul. The post in the Korea blog was not all that good, but I have revised it and added my pictures.

I initially thought this was a cafe where you could order dog as a meal. That is not what I was looking for, I am not sure I would eat dog, but it wouldn't be that strange of an occurence in Korea. There after all was a market in my city of Daegu where you could purchase dog and it was intended to be consumed.

The Cafe was not somewhere for you to eat dog, it was much more dog friendly. Still, it was not your typical cafe at all. When I arrived, there were dogs everywhere. Instead of buying coffee or treats for yourself, you would buy dog biscuits for the dogs. Quite the life these dogs had. All the attention they could ever want, and being constantly fed dog treats.

The dogs lived like kings. Can you imagine people just showing up to feed you sweets? It must not be that healthy for the dogs to be eating dog treats all day, and a lot of them looked pretty lazy. But I am sure they were quite content with their lives. A great place for dog lovers. I'm sure I could have gotten them to do tricks if I knew the commands in Korean.

As you can see you can also get drinks for yourself and sit in the presence of man's best friend. It will be hard to get affection from the dog's without buying the treats though.

See what I mean by lazy?


  1. I think those would do well in big cities here! Haha, very cool... and weird.

  2. Yes, I agree. I think it would do well if they had one around here, when was the last time we had something new and exciting like that? I think news of a new "Dog Cafe" in Sarnia would spread fast.

  3. There are a lot of dog lovers out there. I think this works well in Korea because everyone lives in apartments so it isn't as easy to have a dog. That might be what would make this work in a big city here.