Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cheongdo for Bull Fighting

Cheongdo is a town just outside of the city of Daegu, the city I lived in for one year. In April while I was there, they hosted an annual Bull Fighting event.

The setting was very similar to the county fair back home. We paid about 5 bucks to get in and there were a variety of things offered for entertainment. They had rides and things for kids along with different exhibitions to see.

There were also many tents around with different types of food offered.
The main event or attraction was the bullfighting of course. That is what people came for. When you think bullfight, you probably think, like me, of the Spanish dude with the red hanky and the ferocious bull. This was not the same thing. The bulls were not fighting a person, they were fighting each other. Another tidbit, slightly disappointing was these were not fights to the death. They were fights until one bull gave up and ran away.

Basically to win you had to be able to make the other bull give up. The fights reminded me a lot of bambi. When Bambi is no longer a baby he meets with Faline (the girl deer) and then some other deer shoes up and rams Bambi with his horns, and Bambi rams back.

The bulls head butt each other so hard you can hear there heads hit from a distance. Then they push back and forth until one gives up and runs away. Some matches are very short while some go on for several minutes. The most disappointing match was the American bull. He was the biggest one there, but he was too scared to even start the fight.

This bull was getting ready for the intermission 'show.' Basically a parade around the ring while some guys parachuted from the sky.

Just some displays I thought looked pretty cool.

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