Saturday, October 23, 2010

Romeward Bound

My short days within the Swiss Alps came to an end, far too soon. As you can tell by prior posts and pictures I quite enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere the Alps had to offer. I would have added another night at the mountain hostel had I not needed to meet my friend in Rome.

I did not book a hostel in Rome, so as soon as I got off the train I went to find an internet Cafe to look for a hostel. I found one just a short walk from the internet cafe, and it had a room free. I shared the room with some girls from Brazil and a girl from Mexico. The Mexican girl was very nice and told me about her time in Pisa and Florence. I had not intended on going to these places due to my limited time, but I was a little intrigued, perhaps I could figure out a way to fit it in.

By the time I got settled it was dinner time. I wandered around the streets and found some pizza. It was pretty cheap, but wasn't the greatest tasting. There were lots of places that sold slices of pizza however, so I tried another place. I still wasn't overly impressed, but it filled the void in my stomach.

I had no plans for the night and so I went to bed early, vowing to wake up early and do some exploring of the city before I was to meet my friend Kate. Below are some pictures I took before we met up:

This is a statue I found in a park not too far from the hostel I was staying at.

Not surprising to see architecture such as this in the city that houses the Pope.

This was the roof outside of one of the many churches of Rome. The sign on the door said no short shorts or dresses and no sleeveless shirts, both of which I was wearing so I couldn't go inside. It was good information to know as I figured the dress code at the Vatican would be just as strict.

This is a gate, no longer in use in order to be preserved.


  1. I would love to do some traveling like this someday. I've hardly even left Ontario, not in the past 15 years anyways. As always, excellent post Andy. If you're interested getting more traffic to your blog or anything like that, I can give you some ways to spread the word around. Blog Carnivals, blog archives, etc. If you're interested just let me know.

  2. That would be cool. I started writing for family to keep track of me, but I am not even sure they read anymore haha. But I have enjoyed writing for myself, gives me a way to look back on it all.

    I wouldn't mind more traffic. It makes writing more worth while when you know people are reading. Is it possible to even tell how much traffic you are getting?

  3. Hey, add me on facebook or something and I'll give you some details on how to advertise this blog, for free of course. Also, yes you can definitely see how much traffic you're getting.