Monday, October 25, 2010

Blast from the Past!

I met up with my friend Kate in Rome. Europe is the fourth continent I have been on and it also happens to be the fourth continent I have met Kate on.

I met Kate in Korea, in Daegu specifically where I lived for a year. She is Korean and that is her home town. We used to hang out with the same group of people. Towards the end of my time in Korea Kate left to do some traveling. She knew she would end up in Brisbane the following year at some point, which was the city I knew I would be studying education in. We promised to keep in touch and meet up in Brisbane when she arrived.

While in Korea I consistently spent time with the same group of people. We all finished our year contracts around the same time as well. Three of us, all from Ontario, decided to meet a fourth, who was from New York in his city. I had never been to New York so this was a great opportunity to see this famous city. Kate was living temporarily in San Francisco at this time and decided to join us for a day or so in New York. I plan to make a blog post about New York once I finish up Europe.

Once February hit I was off to Australia. Around May Kate arrived and we soon met up once again on continent number 3. She worked on a farm not too far from Brisbane, where I lived and came to visit every so often. I joked that we needed to visit each other on just a few more continents when she revealed her plan to visit Europe the following summer. At the time I had no idea if I would be able to find that opportunity, but the desire was certainly there, especially with the new European friends I had made.

And that brings us to Rome. We chose a place to eat to catch up before exploring some of the city together. The plan was to visit the Colosseum, so that is exactly what we did. I'll write specifically about the place in another post, but for now here are some pictures.

My first glimpse of 'The Colosseum.' In quotes because there are others around, this was the main, big one however.

Just inside the gates, meet Kate.

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