Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Czech Republic

The trip from Berlin to Prague was very picturesque. The railroad was right along the river and on the other side of the river there were cliffs looking over it. The shape of these cliffs at times looked like faces and I was reminded briefly of mount Rushmore, although the closest I came to seeing that was the Lego version in Denmark.

The train whizzed through small German towns and has formed my vision of a small German town. At one point it became apparent to me that the architecture had changed. The thing that sticks out the most is a bridge that had wires coming from it. Sure enough when I checked the next sign I had entered the 4th country of this trip, the Czech Republic.

I was suddenly overwhelmed with euphoria. Part of it had to do with Prague being one city I had always wanted to see, but the other part was hockey related. The longest serving current Maple Leaf calls this country home (Tomas Kaberle). It wasn't just that though. I made a sudden realization of the top hockey players to ever play the game. I made a mental list and in the top 5 players and top 5 goalies The Czechs have 2 players on the list, and everyone else is Canadian. I was excited to be in another country that produced talented hockey players.

The excitement quickly wore off when I arrived at the train station in Prague. I had to go to the washroom and it took me forever to find it. When I finally found it, it required money to use, and I had not got any Czech money yet. After going to the machine the money denominations were too high. I had to go and buy something just so I could use the toilet!

Once nature was finished her call, I hopped on the subway to get to my hostel. Unfortunately I got off a stop too early, wandered around with all my stuff looking for somewhere to use the internet or find a map. I finally found a map and eventually my way to the hostel. Even with the map it was difficult because not everything was marked, including the seemingly endless amount of small streets.

Things could only get better from here, right?

On the train...

The bridge that made me realize I had changed countries.

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