Thursday, September 9, 2010


Honestly, Demark was a pretty boring place, at least in the Jetland portion. My desire to visit there was solely to visit friends, which is exactly what I did and why I enjoyed it.

Driving through it really does not differ from South Western Ontario that much. A ton of farm land, equipped with wheat, corn and cows. The only real difference was how flat it was, and because of this the country had a lot of wind turbines. Those things were everywhere.

I visited a few places outside the cities I stayed in, Aalburg and Billund. From Aalborg, the places I saw were all on a one time day trip as the country is quite small. Of note was a church where everything was buried in sand except for the bell tower and where the North sea and Baltic sea met.

I also had a fish and chip meal at the harbour of a port city, Skagen.

This is from lego land, it is a model of the next picture.

The bell tower of a church. The rest of the church is covered in sand.

The port city of Skagen.

Jeanette and I in the North and Baltic sea. If you look at the waves you should be able to see them coming in 2 different directions.

This is me with the Baltic sea on the left and the North sea on the right.

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