Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Childhood Memories

I remember a geography unit during elementary school where we learned about different countries. I do not recall a whole lot about the unit, including all the countries we learned about or much of what we learned.

One country I did learn about was Denmark. I only remember one thing about Denmark; Legoland. I was quick to let the Danes I lived with in Australia know this fact. There are many Legolands around the world, but the one in Billund, Denmark is the original. Conveniently, I flew from Marseille, France to Billund, Denmark, thus making the first chapter of my Danish adventure a trip to Legoland.

My friend picked me up at the airport and we spent the night at her friends before heading to lego land in the morning. Legoland is an amazing place, if you are a kid that is. It was still pretty cool as an adult though. I especially enjoyed the models made from lego, sometimes made to compliment the rides, other times just to pass while walking through the park.

One section of the park was called mini land. In this section there were real places made out of lego. There was a lot of detail put into these. This was especially evident when I compared actually being to the place to what I saw in the model.

One of the cool rides that was actually worthy of a non-kid theme park allowed you to choose the path of the ride yourself. It was a robotic arm that moved the way you pre-programmed it to move. Naturally I tried to get it to move in the scariest way possible.
Pirates in a cave. These are life size images.
The water is real, not lego, just in case you were wondering.
Every so often water would spray from the dog onto the pole. That is why the ground is wet.
I have never been to Mount Rushmore, yet I did take this picture.
An example of mini-land.

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