Monday, August 16, 2010

An Update

I have a few minutes on a computer not so great and decided to give a small update on what I have been doing, and what is to come to the blog shortly. My last update came less then 2 weeks ago but it was about more then 2 weeks ago I went to Paris.

I obviously have not been at a stand still and have been doing plenty in between. In fact, I went to Versaille the very next day. I have in my notebook a post about Versaille and on my USB several pictures. The computer I am using is a pay one...with no USB port.

Anyways, after Versaille I went to the south of France and visited a couple different things, like a castle and an old Roman city. After that I flew to Denmark for almost a week and then I took a train to Berlin. That is where I am now, although I have just checked out of my hostel and am about to catch a train to Prague shortly. Super exciting!

I fully intend on getting all my stories on line...which means I will be doing a lot of writing even after I am home. Writing things down in my notebook as I go certainly helps in that aspect. If the computers in the next hostel are any good I will make a post or two while I am trying to plan what is next.

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