Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hello From China!

I have been absolutely awful at keeping this blog up to date.

I have done a lot of traveling since I last updated this blog on my adventures...and I am not planning on slowing down the travel anytime soon. Since my last travel post, I have been to Dubai, Vietnam, Bali, Shanghai and Hong Kong. I even spent a year dormant in Canada.

That means I have a lot of work to do in order to update this blog.

As a second grade teacher I am constantly encouraging my students to keep practicing in order to achieve better results and improve. As an aspiring writer, it is time to take my own advice.

I'm trying to decide what exactly this means. I think I should be writing daily in order to keep my writing skills sharp. I can keep myself accountable for that by promising and following through with a weekly article for this blog.
The only problem with that is if I decide to write about something sports related. It doesn't fit into the theme of my travel blog (not usually anyways, there are the examples of when I traveled in order to watch sports).

So, I will update the blog from now on every Sunday. If I decide to use my daily writing to create a sports writing piece, then this blog write up may be short or only consist of pictures. I feel like the deadline of every week will ensure I actually do it and make me find time within all the other work I need to do. It also gives me an avenue of procrastination from lesson planning that seems a little more productive than watching middle aged women dance outside the convenience store.

Anyways, as the blog title mentions, I am sending out greetings from China. Or I am just saying (Shang)hai. Yep, had to work that pun in there somehow.

Shanghai isn't new to me. I've been here a little over 3 months now. I've settled into a 2 bedroom apartment in an area called Qibao (Chee-bow). The apartment is quite nice. I'm teaching grade 2 to a variety of kids from all over Asia. It is certainly more of an international school than the school I taught at in Kuwait.

I'll go into more detail about everything in future posts. I have promised a weekly update after all! If you are interested in hearing more details about something, or have a specific post you would like me to write about just let me know. You can either comment on a blog post itself or shoot me an email. It would actually help me a lot to have something specific to write about.

That is it for this week. You can expect another post next Sunday, November 16th. You can also expect that post to be more about some specific aspect of life in Shanghai. Thanks for reading, and I hope the reading continues!

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