Saturday, October 15, 2011

Travel Opportunities

I've been in Kuwait for a month and a half now. Part of the allure of coming here was the travel opportunities available, because I am in the middle of the world. Not too far from here is where the roots to human existence lie!

Several things have contributed to my thinking of this. First, my upcoming week long break in November. I ended up deciding to go with a large group to Sri Lanka. A place I know very little about. I feel like it will be more of a vacation than a travel opportunity. I'm sure I could use a vacation however, so it should be an okay trip.

I was looking at the stats of this blog for the week and noticed someone read my top 8 travel locations post, which made me reread it. I feel as though I could knock a lot of those things off my list this year. I also have things that I may want to do more than the list itself has. An English high school teacher at my school from across the hall was telling me about his planned trip to Jordan during November break. In addition, he was telling me about a 21 day trip from Jordan to Istanbul, Turkey that sounded fascinating. It included some pretty significant historical stops, like the Red Sea, Dead sea, and the Nile to name a few. I don't know if that trip is plausible, but it is certainly worth looking into.

Looking at the list, I think by this time next year I will have knocked off , or started to knock off, three things on it. Also, realistically I don't think I can see all 30 stadiums in one fantastic trip, but I can certainly see a few at a time, and plan to next summer!

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