Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Random in the Big Apple

Another reason I enjoyed my New York City trip--and the city itself--is how much seems to always be happening. This includes Central Park, and seeing New Yorkers taking a break from the busy city life and relax. What a place to do so!

There is so much more to the city than just the park. One stereotype I had heard was about New Yorkers always being in a hurry and always unfriendly. While everyone seemed to be in a hurry I did not feel the unfriendliness. Anytime I asked for direction, I did not feel as though people were grouchy. At one point I saw a lady running for her bus and a lady walking by yelled into the bus driver and made him aware someone else was trying to catch the bus. That doesn't seem unfriendly to me.

After wandering through Central Park, I continued south for several blocks. I was still waiting for a call from recovering friends and also still had all my baggage, I stopped every once in a while to sit on a bench, recuperate and do some reading and people watching. I eventually walked to another park where there seemed to be a big festival going on. It was 'celebrating' the big inter league baseball series going on between the Mets and the Yankees.

I also heard music playing in the distance and decided to see what it was. There was a parade going on with a lot of girls and some guys dancing to loud music on a float. I later found out it was a parade to promote a night club.

Afterwards I finally met up with my friends and we wandered around some more. Near Times Square we saw some people walking around with an unfamiliar flag. The flag ended up being one from a group of people that the Czars in pre-Soviet Russia pretty much exterminated and hid. It was an unknown genocide.

More of what randomly happens around the city came with a street show outside of the Public Library. A group of young men did a lot of jaw dropping break dancing moves. They were pretty impressive. I have included a small sample of what they could do.

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  1. It's about time I get caught up with what's been going on over here. New York eh? I've also heard about the unfriendlyness that goes on, glad it seems to be overblown.

    Is this the most recent post? I could be wrong, will have to check in a sec. Keep it up man. Those dancers were insane! It looked so effortless for him.