Sunday, April 17, 2011

Living Through Adventure

Before finishing University my experiences outside of my small bubble of life was very limited. I still consider my experiences pretty limited, but that is just because I have an understanding (at least a small understanding) of how much there is out there in the world.

Before the completion of my 3rd year of University, I had never been on an airplane before. I had traveled only to places close to the Ontario border within the United States, all of which were day trips.

My first plane ride was to the Dominican Republic to attend a friends wedding at a resort. I had a lot of fun there, but I don't consider that traveling as much as vacationing. I finished up one more year of school and that is where my traveling--as well as life--began. I made the difficult at the time decision to take a year off before Grad school and teach in a foreign country. That country ended up being South Korea, a place I knew very little about at the time that I took off.

I can still remember the feelings and anxieties I had while waiting for my departure day came. Everything happened so fast and yet at times it felt like things were going in slow motion. I realize now I can never have that feeling again. I have considered returning to Korea pretty much ever since I left. I loved the place and the overwhelming feeling of being lost in translation. Further, I loved how completely new every experience seemed to be. It was like I was born into the world fully grown. A return to Korea would not return me to these feelings as I have already been comfortable enough there.

Right now I feel like I am in a rut. I returned to Canada from a trip to Europe last September, over 7 months ago. I have not left since. This is the longest since I left for Korea in December of 2007 that I have been in one place.

Will that let up anytime soon? Yes and no. A trip to New York City is planned to attend a wedding reception next month. I have already been there though and it is only a short trip. It will be exciting to see friends from Korea once again. I am also hoping to get to my 3rd Major League baseball park, the new Yankee Stadium. There are also inevitable trips to see a baseball game in Detroit as well as to see some American friends I made at the Camp in France.

Finally, this will be my first summer in North America since 2007. There will be some benefits to being in the country for the summer. For instance, every year since we graduated, my friends from University get together for a cottage weekend. I was too busy with camp in 2007 to make it and then have not been in the country since. That is something I really look forward to. It should also allow me to continue the blog until the next huge adventure takes place.

And the plans for that are in place! Consider this to be the first time I have officially mentioned what is in the works. I have accepted a job to teach in a grade 3 classroom in Kuwait. I have not posted this information on facebook as of yet, although I have told my family and some friends. So this may or may not be a surprise to the reader. Depends who you are really. I leave in September and am sure the fresh attitude will liven up the blog quite a bit. I vow to try to keep things as interesting as possible until then.

I am looking at centering the next few posts to centre around my teaching background, as that has at least had a beginning basis for all my travel. Hope you enjoy, and please comment on any thoughts or advice you may have on Kuwait!

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