Friday, December 3, 2010


After Fraser island I once again took off on my own. I left a lot of my luggage with a former flatmate and flew to Adelaide, from there the plan was to see the Great Ocean Road. I once again purchased a trip through a travel agency and was on my way. The trip went from Adelaide in South Australia to Melbourne in Victoria, so I would add 2 more states to my Australian trip, which would make 4 altogether.

This trip had fewer people going and fewer groups of people which made it easier to get to know people. It was also a pretty diverse group. Most of the people traveling together were traveling with one person or were originally on their own and found a partner while traveling. There were a couple of Italian girls, a girl from France, a girl from Germany, a girl from the Netherlands a girl from the Czech Republic, a girl from Ottawa, a guy from Israel, twins from Taiwan as well as another girl from Taiwan. There were also about 6 people from all over the UK. It was a great group of people and I enjoyed talking to all of them.

It was a three day trip so there was plenty of time to socialize with everyone. Our first stop wasn't actually on the great ocean road. It was in the Grampians, a series of different rock formations that reminded me of small mountains. The highlight of this trip was Mackenzie falls, a water fall found in the Grampians. It was a beautiful day as we hiked down to the falls, and really relaxing sitting in the sun with the roar of the water in the background and the mist in the air.

There were other highlights to the trip to the Grampians as well, including kangaroos at a national park where we rested. They were all over the place and we were able to get pretty close to them. One stood up really tall and beat it's chest. I was told that was him telling us that the girl kangaroos were his property and to not get much closer.

I had already seen kangaroos earlier on in my Australian trip but not as many that were around here. The rest of the trip brought more animals, some I had yet to see during my Australian travels.

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