Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I really enjoyed the city of Berlin, and also knew that it was a unique city. In that sense, I didn't feel I could get the exact picture of Germany from only staying there. As a result I decided to visit another German city, Munich.

It reminded me a lot of Prague, for a couple reasons. Number one was how great the beer was. They also sold it in large 1 litre glasses. There is nothing like having a beer in that size. Saves you from having to wait in line for the beer as much, although it also makes you have to urinate more often.

The next similarity to Prague is another clock, called the 2nd most overrated tourist attraction. It's the Glockenspiel. It acts out some royalty wedding, a jousting match as well as a dance commemorating the plague being over. It is called the Coopers dance and was ordered to be reenacted every seven years.

I liked the Prague clock better because beyond the corny dance displays, it at least tells you the different random information like the different stages of the moon and how the earth revolves around the sun.

Like other places in Europe, there were locations where buildings were being rebuilt or reconstructed due to the wars. Munich was certainly no different. There are also rules that encompass the city's love of beer. Everyone is entitled to two litres of beer a day, and can't get in trouble for having it during lunch break. As a result there are some poorly built structures within the city, including a rebuilt building where they forgot to put a door.


  1. Your Munich article is interesting as well as educational. Everyone is entitled to two litres of beer a day? Excellent.

    You took all those pictures right? Some great shots.

  2. Yep. I take a lot of the same pictures so the odds are better that there is a good shot in there.