Friday, September 24, 2010

Plans Change

The nice thing about travelling alone with a rail pass that allows you to go anywhere is that plans can change with no real harm done.

I planned on going to Vienna from Prague, it was a natural destination as it was the same direction I started traveling when I left Berlin. I checked out of my hostel, placed all my luggage in the storage room and decided to do some exploring on my own of the city before I left for Vienna.

I walked in the direction of the castle I had yet to visit, perhaps I would visit today? The whole way I thought about Vienna and how much I was not sure it would appeal to me. It was after all very artsy, which I certainly am not. The more I thought about it, the more I did not want to go.

I eventually climbed up to a church overlooking the city. I wasn't quite as high as the castle, but it was a great view.

When I returned to the bottom of the hill, I found the internet and booked a hostel in Amsterdam. I know it was going pretty much in the opposite direction and a pretty stupid move as far as smart traveling goes, but I went with my gut anyways. I decided to save time by taking the overnight train there. And just like that, my plans changed.

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