Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The South of France

So it has once again been a while. Not unexpected I would hope. My last post was about Versaille but I made it from Prague. Since then I have been to Amsterdam and now Munich. This post is my second last on France. I am really behind. Unfortunately there arent a lot of pictures to go with this general post which means I probablz could have added it earliar. I promise to finish France before I leave Munich. All I have left is a castle and an old town equipped with pictures. I will add some to this as well just because.

On Tuesday August 3rd I left Paris for a new part of France, the south. I stayed in a small town, I am not sure of the name. It was however right on the coast of the mediterranean sea. Unfortunately most of my time in the south had the wind blowing out to sea, which meant the water was going to be cold.
Wind seemed to be very typical for this part of France. I always knew what a wind turbine was but had never seen them regualarly. The wind here was always expected, it was just the direction that was inconsistant. When the wind blew in from the sea, it meant the weather was great for the beach. The water would be warm and the sand would not blow in your eyes.
The small town was located near a small city, Beziers. This city had a man made canal in it that ran from the west coast, the Atlantic ocean, to the mediterranean sea. This particular town also had lift locks.
I visited this town on my first day in the South. I am almost ashamed to say I watched how these lift locks worked for the first time. This is shameful because during university I lived in a town for 4 years with lift locks and never once watched.
Another thing I did while in the South helped me appreciate older French men. I spoke of patunk, a game I learned at camp similar to Botchi or lawn bowling and found out it was stereotypicallz an old man game. An added feature to this stereotype is a drink called pestis.* I took to the drink and found that older men seemed quite keen to have the drink with me when thez heard that I liked it.

* I later saw this drink in a bar in Prague under the brand name of Ricard.

This is the view of the town from he window I dlept in at night. I was verz spoiled while in this home.

From a castle...more on it later, just a picture to share for now.

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