Thursday, July 1, 2010

June 28th

There is always a moment when everything suddenly hits doesn't matter what, if it excites you it seems to all hit you in one solid swoop.

Yes, before hand you know you should be more excited, but it is like you don't believe it yourself. When you finally believe it, it can be overwhelming. It took a while for this new journey to hit. Perhaps it is because I have done similar things before. Sure enough though it eventually hit. I was talking to the lady as she was getting ,y boarding pass when it hit me.

It's still new and fresh despite people not reacting as before. It's pretty accepted now that I will go on world adventures, which I don't mind a bit. I may have even inspired some people.

I've never flown over the atlantic ocean, I've never been to Europe. The whole journy is so,ething to look forward to!

And so it starts, here I am sitting in the airport, the only thing in my way is time...but even that threat is quickly (or slowly), dissappearing.


Just an FYI, time on the internet is kinda limited. I have been writing stuff in a notebook so I can put it on here when I get a chance...I have 2 posts ready to go at a later date.

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