Tuesday, July 6, 2010

American Village

July 1st

There are a lot of similarities between this camp and your typical North American camp, which is kinda the point. It has a skit pit, a rec hall, dorms and a lake...although the lake isn't really used at the camp. With these similarities also come a few key differences. One of these differences is the ESL classroom. There are also people we share the camp with.

As of today (July 1st) campers have not yet arrived (that is as of the writing in the journal, but as far as the blog posting goes they have been here for 4 days). They will come (or they came) Saturday the 3rd. We have been busy preparing the camp by creating signs (in English) and posting them around camp.

My job will be to be an ESL teacher as well as to assist when needed in afternoon activities and help organise and run the evening programs. I will also run the general store.

As far as French culture goes, I am hearing a lot of French spoken, but remembering very little. Meal times are also neat as there are always several courses served seperatly. I always seem to leave a meal super full.

And as mentioned, the kids have been here for several days now. Things are super busy and I have been barely getting the chance to sleep at night...oh the joys of being a counsellor again! But I do have 2 days off during each é week session. One of those days off comes now...hence my ability to get on the computer long enough to actually post something. The plan is to catch up on some sports, some sleep, prepare some lessons and do laundry. Yay, exciting!

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